St Patrick’s Day Party

March 17 is a celebration of the patron saint of Ireland, St.Patrick. In medieval times, the Irish enslaved St. Patrick, while today, the Irish, both at home and abroad, down tools every year to celebrate his bringing Christianity to Ireland.

People use St. Patrick’s Day as a chance to celebrate Irish culture and heritage. This is marked by parades, traditional food, and of course, plenty of beer. People link the day to beer so much that millions of people around the world use it as a great excuse to host a beer party.

If you are planning on throwing a St. Patrick’s Day beer party this year, make sure you stock up on some traditional beers. Stouts such as Guinness are a great place to start, and your local craft brewery may be able to advise on further options.

Celebrate the Irish spirit: St. Patrick's Day party extravaganza.
Celebrate the Irish spirit: St. Patrick’s Day party extravaganza.


Hosting a successful St. Patrick’s Day beer party needs to be planned well. You will need to make sure you get everything right if you want to impress your friends. Preparations for any beer party will include selecting the best beers around as well as preparing decorations and inviting the right people. Make sure you send invites well in advance and ensure everyone knows what time the party starts and where the venue will take place.

Beverage Options

A St. Patrick’s Day beer party is a great chance to get your guests to try traditional Irish drinks like stouts and ales. However, all beer parties should have a wide range of options. This includes providing a keg of beer and a range of different bottles and cans. You can also ask your guests to bring beer as well if you want an even wider range available.

A local craft beer shop or brewery will give you expert advice on what beer you should make available at your party. You will also be able to purchase drinks from such businesses.

3 Fun Cheers and Beers to Party Activities

Your guests will have an amazing time if you can keep them constantly entertained. Make sure that you match activities to your guests. To find out the best three activities to consider, read our suggestions.

With so many beers available, beer flight testing is a great activity to help guests try different beers. Alternatively, why not bring a photo booth to your party to give your guests something to remember the night from?

Everybody loves a beer party. It is a great chance to socialize and have fun. There are so many elements to think about when you are planning a beer party. This includes the event that you will be celebrating, the beverages you will provide, and even the type of music you will be playing. A beer party can also precede an event that all your friends want to go to such as a St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Beer-Themed Party Decorations

Match your beer-themed party to the guests who will be present at your party and the occasion you are hosting it for. A birthday party will need plenty of balloons and images related to the person celebrating. Instead, a St. Patrick’s Day party should be emblazoned with green and shamrock-themed decorations. You can also put up some Irish flags and prepare some traditional Irish snacks for your guests. Just make sure your St Patrick’s Day party evolves around Irish traditions. 


Throwing a party can be a fun event before attending the day’s main celebration. A lot of the major cities around the world host a huge St Patrick’s Day parade. For example, over 2 million people attend New York’s parade. Enjoy this special day wherever you are and celebrate this great day responsibly.